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We put the func in dysFUNCtional!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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sometimes... [10 Jun 2004|11:19am]

[ mood | blank ]

I know by societys standards, you could be my father and why would we ever try such a thing because OF COURSE we could never really emotionally connect because of the age difference.
So then how come I dream of your arms around me and your scent lingering to my skin?
I crave you sometimes.
A lot of the time.

hand me another prozac

because a mod asked me to [07 Jun 2004|11:58am]


me drowning Ophelia style & some randomnessCollapse )

2 left me in a closet to masturbates| hand me another prozac

time to write an entry that peter hasnt written for me [03 Jun 2004|08:47am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm so tired today that I feel as though if I close my eyes I will fall straight asleep. late night rendezvous make me ever so sleepy and now im stuck between the guy i love but cant be with but was with last night or this gorgeous,sensual,smart, and eccentric guy im dating. It sounds so easy yet I'm so conflicted. I could move to cali and be with him and it might be better for me in the long run, no more broken hands. GOD the sex almost blinded me it was soo brilliant.
I wonder is sex really better when you love the person or that just a myth?
I'm done ranting, I think I have the dyfunctional part of this community down.

hand me another prozac

[02 Jun 2004|09:35pm]

Hey! Things seem to be starting off a bit slow, so I figured I'd introduce myself.

I don't post pictures of myself online, though I'm sure one of the mods could testify as to what I look like. Summary: long blonde hair, big tits, athletic body, green eyes. What makes me sexy? The best reason in the world: I love sex. I haven't had as many partners as many I'm sure will join (8), though the ones I'm still in contact with still let me know when I run into them that I've been the best fuck of their lives.

And why am I dysfunctional? Ha! Let's see here: diagnosed (but not medicated) bipolar, panic attacks, perfectionist, insomniac, ex-cutter... oh, and I think David Bowie's pretty damn hot. I'm sure I'll think of many more after I post this, but I'm guessing these'll suffice ;)
hand me another prozac

*giggle* [02 Jun 2004|01:30am]

Why do I belong in this group?

Lots of hot guys and sexy girls have fucked me, but I'm not hot. They just want an easy piece of ass. And the guys who have fallen obsessively in love with me are just crazy, cause I don't deserve it. I have almost a perfect grade point average, and my teachers adore me, but I'm not smart. I always help my friends and take care of others, but I'm selfish.

I'm a "survivor" of like 18 different kinds of badness going back to my youth, but I keep a cheery disposition, cause other people have it so much worse than I.

I *am*, however, a really, really good fuck. And I love sex. So I guess that makes me sexy. A little.
hand me another prozac

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